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Cultural Platform

Diaphane, founded in 2019, is a platform built on sharing, inclusivity and mutual support. Currently operating in Maastricht, The Netherlands.


Established in 2019, Diaphane is a platform for creative expression and collaboration in Maastricht. We strive to create a platform for individuals with ambition that is built on values of inclusion, sharing, and mutual support. We aim to promote architects, artists, designers, developers, researchers and all other creatives. To challenge each other to be continually engaged in critical reflection of their own values and practices. We connect people from various backgrounds and facilitate an exchange of skills and ideas. At the same time, we reach out to a variety of groups and initiatives to encourage collaboration and promote awareness for cultural issues. We invite you all to participate, to share your ideas. Together we create music, we dance, we paint, discuss politics and passions. Most importantly, we get together and share the platform of Diaphane.

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Diaphane is always evolving and creating new possibilities within itself as a platform for the young professionals in the creative fields. 

Explore more about our current activities below.


Peer Education

Trough various methods including workshops, lectures and T.A.L.K.S., our platform enables and motivates a culture of sharing ideas and knowledge. By serving as a platform where individuals can learn together, we aim to strengthen the creative community.

Pop Up Gallery

The Pop-Up Gallery provides an easy space for young artists to show their work professionally. The gallery is managed by Diaphane where we strive to help peers in the creatie field reach their potential. 


We support an active and resourceful workfield, in which young professionals and artists can thrive.

Pop Up Store

Enabling young proffessionals in the creative field to take part in pop-up stores and galleries where their work is shown and sold.

Current projects

B32 Pop Up

The Pop Up Store at B32 artspace has been opened!

B32 Atelier

The Diaphane Atelier at B32 artspace has been opened and is temporarily available for artists in need!