The B32 Pop Up Store

It's a pleasure to introduce to you the first participants of the Pop Up Store at B32 artspace.

Carmen Vollebergh, Quinn Zeljak, Sam Jannsen, Veerle van Esser and Wies Vile, all of them in their twenties, have supplied work to share with all of you.

We would like to welcome you to take a look. But how does it work? The Pop Up Store has been built up in the B32 artspace and you can witness it trough our platform. In case you see something you like, and would like to add the piece to your collection contact us at trough the button below. Once we receive the email, we will contact you to get more information about your address for example. Afterwards we will send you a bank transfer and start packing up the piece to be shipped to your address. All the packets are mailed every 10 days. We want you to enjoy our Pop Up Store experience, and a lot of thanks for supporting young talents! 

Down below you can see more pictures and information about every contributor. Take a look yourself!

Wies Vile

With an initial interest for ceramics, but the drive to experiment with new techniques led to a different way of working. At the moment the main interest in the work lies in graphic designs and printing techniques.

Carmen Vollebergh

Jewellery is a personal treasure, a decoration for the body, materialisation of fascination. Trough jewellery making  from this point of view, Carmen asks the question what jewellery really is.

Veerle van Esser

The constant urge to put her feelings and emotions in to her work provides a drive to work, and also comes trough clearly in the works that are produced.

Sam Janssen

Experimentation with techniques from different industries. 
The translation of language to something beyond just language. 

Quinn Zeljak

Influenced by her own experiences with disassociation. The connection and especially the disconnection between body and mind interests her and influences her work. 

Ronja Terwindt

In addition to her commitment to Diaphane, Ronja has a certain place in her heart for colours and details.