The B32 Pop Up Store

Since our last event on the 12th of February, we at Diaphane kept ourselves busy.

In the past few weeks we have been expanding our network and spreading our ideas.

In the meanwhile we have come in to contact with CAS center for artistic sensibilities and B32 artist-run space for contemporary art. Together we have reached the point where we wanted to start organising a few projects together.

This would have started in the beginning of april, an event organised by CAS hosted in B32 artspace, in cooperation with Diaphane. During the first event Diaphane would be hosting a Pop Up Store in the B32 artspace. Sadly at that point our country was also confronted with COVID-19 more well known as the Corona-virus.

Academies are closed, museums are closed, gatherings have been cancelled, events cancelled.

The only question that went trough are minds was ‘’What is gonna happen now that everyone has to stay home?’’

The Diaphane platform was eager to keep supporting artists and designers and continue the plan of hosting a Pop Up Store in the B32 artspace. Together with Joep Vossebeld we started looking for solutions.

On Monday the 30th of March we invited a select group of artists and designers to hand us their works at B32 artspace. Every one of them in a different time slot, quickly, responsible and fairly awkwardly. We asked everyone to maintain a proper social distance and put their works in front of the entrance on the curb. Despite these impersonal requirements everyone that came by stayed for a chat, and hanged around for a little while.It feels good to see a familiar face and hear their voice, not just trough a telephone. Directly after Mauri and Ronja got to work on setting up the Pop Up Store. Below you can watch a short video of their process:








For Diaphane its actually exciting and challenging to work in this way. It's exciting to go ''online''. How we deal with this situation is hard, but it gives us a boost of positive energy. The Pop Up Store has been built and right now you are in the online version of it. Mauri and Ronja have photographed everything for you, and Jules, our brains behind the website made it possible for you to see everything right here.