Carmen Vollebergh

Jewellery is a personal treasure, a decoration for the body, materialisation of fascination. Trough jewellery making  from this point of view, Carmen asks the question what jewellery really is.

The thing that sets apart Carmen's work is the use of unconventional materials and the use of experimental methods to shape the material.

Trough a combination of rough materials and the recognisable jewellery elements, she makes the two aspects come together in one piece, in this way creating harmony between material and design.

Carmen searches for identity in her jewellery. Identity in regards to the jewellery itself but also in regards to the individual who wears it.

Jewellery is more then just a decorative accessory, it's an aesthetic object wich makes the wearer feel good, its a form of self expression. 

Carmen displays 10 rings in our Pop Up Store. 

The rings are handmade out of tin, a number of them have stones inserted in to it. 

Each ring has its own size and therefor its own price. 

In case you see something you like, and would like to add the piece to your collection contact us at trough the button below. Once we receive the email, we will contact you to get more information about your address for example. Afterwards we will send you a bank transfer and start packing up the piece to be shipped to your address. All the packets are mailed every 10 days.