Christy Westhovens

B32 - Artist run space

05-05-2020 12:10

The space is incredibly empty without art, without an audience. The echo I produce while tapping my keyboard is a constant reminder of this. Time seems to stand still, there seems to be nothing more than the muffled sounds of events that once existed. I've changed places a few times. I sat against the heater, sat on the steps, sat on the chair, moved the chair, and sat on the chair again. Every now and then a casual passer-by catches my attention, but I see nothing more than a pair of shoes passing by the small windows.

I can almost feel the melancholy.

What is art without a spectator? A room without a resident? Existence is defined by experience. So without a spectator to experience physical reality, you may wonder whether the unexperienced does exist.

Cultural Isolation is an installation that arose from an investigation into the need of the spectator within an exhibition space. With the appearance of a passer-by, a series of events is launched that prepare the space for a possible visit. The lights go on, the receipt is printed, but unfortunately the exhibition space is empty and this visit will not take place under the current situation. After this determination, the lights go out again, only the memory of the unsuspecting passer-by remains in the dark room.

Cultural Isolation

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