Jeremy Bronswijk

A space so empty that even the silence seems to have an echo.


I immediately notice how essential a studio space is for me. Not only because it is a place focussed on working, but also because it fills me with motivation to make work at all. Making, looking and reflecting together create an infinite cycle, which constantly rolls on by responding to what is made. The bad works, the good and everything there in between becomes fuel for the next work. Something I always knew, but also something that becomes painfully clear now. Sometimes I wonder if the bad works aren't much more useful. The ability to label a something a bad work, substantiate it so the works that are labeled bad never get out of this position is something that makes the process of creating bearable.


Good: 1 work

Doubt: 3 works

Bad: 8 works

Very sad: 2 works

"When there are eventually about 100 prints laid out on the floor  in the shape of a cross, I realize that I am unbelievably wasting my time .. "

"But it was a lot of fun."


This one word is undoubtedly a concept that underlies many creative practices.
It is something elusive, sometimes impossible to explain for yourself. At the moment my fascination lies with the punk band Refused for a while already. It lies not even with the band itself, but with one
photo of the band. Taken during a performance in the middle of what appears to be a living room. Crammed together, but full of explosive energy. That one photo fascinates me immensely. I would like to know who took the photo, where the performance took place and who were there.

Why they were there.

The basis of the work done this week is a constant factor, but oddly enough one that does not immediately stand out. Somehow, that foundation gives something to hold on to, like the
painter who has something to hold wich is his canvas. A game of stamina begins. Do I already grow tired of my basis after the 2nd day or is this something I could continue indefinitely? Work that was made during this week shows where my thoughts are all jumping to, how I look at work and whether it is going well or whether I am just stuck.

β€œIs it right or wrong? You never know it,

Do anything that you wanna do,

Go right ahead, go right ahead, go right ahead!”


                                                                                                                                              The Hives: Go Right Ahead (2012)

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