Judith Reijnders

A week ago I got a space at my disposal thanks to the collaboration of Diaphane and B32 to work in this turbulent Corona time. My work has not been idle in recent weeks. I no longer had the opportunity to work in my job trusted studio at the academy but rowed the oars I had.
For several years I have been working on the theme of space. What is space and what meaning does this concept have? Is it a dimension? an empty and anonymous volume where the air lives? Or is it a place where all memories and events determine the rules? Each time in a different way I try to emphasise or let the experience of a space be experienced.

In the space of B32 I started with the idea of ​​a new work now I finally had a large empty space available.

Observe                infiltrate                     position                integrate

The first day I spent observing and infiltrating in the space. Getting to know the space remotely without mixing myself in and later  I added myself to the space like a spy. Be as discreet as possible and be part of the space to understand what the space itself already is. 

I then filled the entire space the following days. The planning I had made to create new work on the spot no longer felt like a necessity and that's why I took the opportunity and decided to use existing work to present and position in the space. This was work that had never had the opportunity before to expand completely because I had developed it without studio space. By giving it the space it needed it became clear to me that the work I previously completed was not yet complete.

So I remained adding material and and putting more work in the space. The room was packed. An overstimulating presence of me, my work and the space itself. When I realized this, I realized it was time for the last phase: integration. Finding the right ratio between my work and the space to keep the best of both.

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