Mauri Loots


B32 exhibition space for a few days. My studio at the academy is near a window with a view of the courtyard, I see many people walking by every day and taking a break together in the sun when it appears. This period is different, social distance makes it impossible to carry out my usual working method. Interaction and performance is central to my visual work and other extras are used in my work, the movement, sensory limitations and interdependence of my participants.



I am alone in a larger space then my own apartment, freedom ...

Windows are very small and the space is underground; no one can see me. At first this became a documentation, a sign of my passage but after revising this both, my approach changed to what I saw: myself, four times myself, showing different behaviors related to the object that presented itself to me. As you can see there is a twist, the moment a magic cutting tool better known as video editing is used. I now see this as independent, different and new.

I am the extra in my own performance, based on video, a way to be able to share it because it remains important to me; sharing, the interaction between my work and the viewer. This period remains annoying, of course, but for me it has explained something that I can continue with.

I prefer to show my work trough video, trough this medium I can capture the interaction and the performativity 

When you are interested in Mauri's work, feel free to contact us trough the button below.