Pop up Gallery

Diaphane brings young professionals in contact with an audience.

As a platform that encourages the interconnectivity of different creative fields we aim to not only include artists in these Pop Up Galleries. Looking at the challenges of today involving the appreciation of culture and creativity in the general society we believe that the concept of a gallery also needs adaptation.
For the Pop Up Galleries that we are hosting we also made the conscious decision to follow the Pop Up concept. 
For the Gallery it is a personal tool we use to not be bound to one location. Every time we host the Pop Up Gallery somewhere else, the room changes, the atmosphere changes, the works themselves are presented in a different context. We challenge ourselves and the works that we present. 

If you are curious to find out where the next Pop Up Gallery will take place, or maybe you want to participate, click on the button below to contact us. 

The Pop Up Gallery is a mixture of a gallery setting and a showcase. This means artists can come in to show their work to an audience, but with a lot more freedom in the decision making process.