Quinn Zeljak

Influenced by her own experiences with disassociation. The connection and especially the disconnection between body and mind interests her and influences her work. 

Trough her work Quinn searches for answers for these questions.

Are we our body? Where does our mind live? 

Where do we go when we are sunken so deep into our minds to the point where we are not aware of our physical body? 

And most importantly, what do we take with us from these states of mind?



In case you see something you like, and would like to add the piece to your collection contact us at trough the button below. Once we receive the email, we will contact you to get more information about your address for example. Afterwards we will send you a bank transfer and start packing up the piece to be shipped to your address. All the packets are mailed every 10 days.

Quinn has made a series of drawings on paper. Made using pencils and markers. 

Each of the drawings in the series of 22 is unique and is made on A6 size. 

The asking price per drawing is €25,-