Ronja Terwindt

In addition to her commitment to Diaphane, Ronja has a certain place in her heart for colours and details.

Trough the years her artistic practice has been evolving towards the coming together of different layers, consisting of paint and a carrier. Together they construct the image. Within this image a sense of depth takes form wich challenges the spectator to keep looking. The more you take your time to look, the more images and layers arise. 

Currently Ronja works a lot with screen printing techniques. During the proces of building up the different layers, she experiments with different angles for the screen, and also starts to construct the colour for the chosen carrier. 

The four prints smaller prints 30x45 CM are available at a price of €45,-/


The blue and purple print has a size of 70x97 CM and is available for €85,-.

Each print has been printed twice, but only one of them is available for sale.

The prints are available with frame, this frame costs €20,-.

If you purchases without the frame you will receive two hanging clips. 

In case you see something you like, and would like to add the piece to your collection contact us at trough the button below. Once we receive the email, we will contact you to get more information about your address for example. Afterwards we will send you a bank transfer and start packing up the piece to be shipped to your address. All the packets are mailed every 10 days.

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