B32 Atelier

We wanted to start an atelier project in the B32 by offering the exhibition space of B32 as a studio space. We were curious how an artist would make his work if it is located in a space that is normally used as an exhibition space. There is a different atmosphere in this room. You may be more driven to work towards a finished work instead of seeing the work as a process. But due to the shortage of workplaces, since our academy is closed as a result of COVID-19, we have decided to give the project a slightly different twist.




The participants of the studio are allowed to work here from Monday to Friday. On Friday one of us will take pictures to document the activity of the past week and they will be shared with a short text. The events will be updated on Monday. Every week this message will take a different form because each participant has their own way of working. So we ourselves don't know what to expect and that makes it interesting.

Down below you can find all of our participants that finished their week in the B32 Atelier. 

Christy Westhovens

Existence is defined by experience. So without a spectator to experience physical reality, you may wonder that the unexperienced does exist.


Jeremy Bronswijk

An anti-attitude may even be essential at the moment to continue to apply self-reflection to the art world.


Lukas Malzan

Lukas is searching for the border between art and reality.


Judith Reijnders

For several years I have been working on the theme of space. What is space and what meaning does this concept have?


Andrea Dautzenberg

Now that we have all been forced to surrender to the bounded area we call home, we may look at that space differently.


Mauri Loots

Does the environment shape the behavior of humans, or does our behavior shape the environment?