Veerle Van Esser

The works crafted by Veerle stemmed from an urge to express her emotions trough her work. The projects she made at the art academy have become an extension of her own emotion. During her time at the art academy she developed a curiosity and eventually a passion for ceramics. Veerle makes ceramic faces. Each of them are different but in a way, the same.  From the moment she started making the faces, they felt like she was given a gift. The gift was a quiet moment in the stormy waters of her life at that point in time. Thus, the faces have played a big role for Veerle. Now that she has moved past those challenging times, the ceramic faces are no longer needed to ground her and instead, she wants to present them to an audience, to show what they had meant to her.  The faces can manifest their own meaning trough the eyes of the viewer. 

When displayed on a wall the faces made are touched by the hands of Veerle.

Veerle also brought another series of small milky white faces displayed on a table in our Pop Up Store. 


In case you see something you like, and would like to add the piece to your collection contact us at trough the button below. Once we receive the email, we will contact you to get more information about your address for example. Afterwards we will send you a bank transfer and start packing up the piece to be shipped to your address. All the packets are mailed every 10 days.