Wies Vilé

With a background in ceramics, did Wies start his journey towards expanding his knowledge in materials and techniques. Currently the preference lies within graphic design techniques and weaving. The work arises from a philosophical point of view. For example communication itself is one of the phenomenons in the philosophical proces. The passion for language, the written word. The emptiness of the words and how we are able to communicate so much yet so little. 

But also the non-verbal and non-visual communication sparks an interest.


Time, yet another fascinating phenomenon. How do we cope and compare ourselves to it. What is the now, the future and the past? Is there a difference between reality and actuality? Does an extern reality exist? In what space does this all happen.  Or what is space even ? What is the difference between mental and physical space?

These are all questions I struggle with within my work.

Always as a manifestation of my internal experience.

Always searching for connections. Always investigating. 

Intuition plays a important role. Almost always are language and material the binding element in creating a shape.

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